Darlin Jewelry


Designer Flash created Darlin Jewelry in 2012. After obtaining degrees as a fashion designer from the Chulalongkorn University, Flash entered the fashion industry, working for Disaya and Something Boudior. Jewelry design started as a personal interest but her pieces quickly grew a cult following and fashion bloggers including fabmuse and retail attention followed.

With the crystal sewing technique on her jewelry, was soon carried at many retailers worldwide including ValleyDez from Dubai, Renbytee from Dubai and Exhibitspace from Thailand. After eye catching from customers and bloggers, she has open footwear and accessories line by design and decorate piece by using crystal sewing technique. Darlin Jewelry is luxury handcraft jewelry, footwear and accessories brand which fascinated with elegant technical.

The name of Darlin comes from “The nickname of girl who you care deeply for” Every masterpiece is handmade in the studio with experienced worker and high quality materials. Swarovski crystals and cz crystals are finely crafted to achieve a contemporary aesthetic with a timeless feel whilst managing to stay true to the designer’s signature. Because the charming of the jewelry, we would like to make it wear easily with everyday uses but still fabulous and elegant since Darlin Jewelry is not only the outstanding brand but also invents by heart.